Typical electric supercharger installationReal performance gains at such low cost puts GA Projects electric supercharger amongst the best value for money performance enhancements available.  


Electric supercharger (minus air filter)Low Cost Easy Build
Electric Supercharger

Plans and Construction Manual


With up to an 1800W electric motor and a diffuser ring our supercharger is the most powerful of its type yet only costs a fraction of the others to build.


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The GA Projects electric supercharger really is easy to build with most constructors completing their project in just one weekend. Construction does not involve machining, welding, or precision work of any kind. We supply plans and comprehensive illustrated 27 page construction manuals to guide you every step of the way.




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A general introduction to supercharging

Design challenges

Supercharging isn’t as simple as it sounds

Electric superchargers

Advantages and disadvantages

How it works

A basic overview of our supercharger


Description of operation and performance


Is our supercharger suitable for your car?

Is it easy to build?


Supercharger scams

How to recognize an e-supercharger scam


Most Frequently Asked questions


Two electric superchargersDONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Many so called electric superchargers are actually 200W (or even less) marine bilge fans. Click here to visit our supercharger scams page for more info on misleading advertisements.



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The GA Projects supercharger uses ‘off the shelf’ parts and materials and only requires basic handyman tools and ability to build. Simple innovative design makes construction cheap and easy yet the finished product works brilliantly.

Our construction manual can be downloaded from the web as soon as your order is processed. On completion you will be directed to a download link to retrieve your documents. Contact us at
super@gaprojects.com for more information or support@gaprojects.com for help with your project


We supply a 27 page illustrated construction manual to guide you through every stage of building the GA Projects Electric Supercharger



Three randomly selected pages from our construction manual


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We didn’t set out to build a supercharger but realised that research being done on radial compressors could be utilised for a charger. The GA Projects team was working on a hovercraft when one of our technicians joked that the radial fan would make a great supercharger. The fan he was talking about was 600 mm (24”) in diameter, which wouldn’t fit inside too many engine bays; never the less a seed of an idea was sown. The first proof of concept model appeared the following day and a prototype began testing just one week later. It took another four months before we were happy with the final product but it was well worth the time and effort.


Estimated construction costs = $70 to $130


All prices quoted are in US dollars. $70 covers the approximate cost of constructing our 24 volt base model including wiring and switches (36 volt models cost about $130 to build). Ducting and air filter are not included as theses prices will vary from vehicle to vehicle.


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How it works - Engines waste considerable amounts of fuel (e.g. when idling, coasting or braking). By using your engines charging system to break down water into highly combustable hydrogen and oxygen much of this wasted energy can be recovered. OHH gas can then be reintroduced to the inlet duct via a PCV type valve. Similar to regenerative braking only more efficient. It works on diesel engines too !!!

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Make Electricity


Bio Diesel

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Understanding and installing

your own

Solar Electrical System


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GA Projects supply plans and construction manuals only, not the products themselves or the materials to build them. All projects are designed with the DIY enthusiast and home handyman in mind. Products are not intended for commercial use nor are they generally suitable for mass production. We maintain copyright over all published material and prohibit unauthorised copying and/or distribution in any form. If you do wish to redistribute our material or to produce a commercial version of our projects then please contact us before doing so and if appropriate we will negotiate an agreement




Easy projects for the home handymanGA Projects specialise in designing low cost projects that any practical individual with basic handyman tools and ability can build. We avoid the need for special machinery or skills (e.g. welding) and ensure all our projects are made from readily available parts and materials. All projects are easy to build and are carefully scrutinised for quality and safety. We supply comprehensive, illustrated plans and construction manuals to guide you through every step of the way.



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