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Kids electric go kart construction animationIf you want to see a child’s eyes really light up then present them with one of our kids electric go karts.



They’re tremendous fun, look great and are safe for younger drivers. Our easy to build and low cost kids electric go kart is an ideal project for DIY enthusiasts, home handymen and science fairs. Even the electrics are simple (no soldering required) and can be completed with the most basic of electrical knowledge. Our illustrated Nicks Dad was just as exited as he was when the electric go kart was unveiledconstruction manual will carefully lead you through every stage with detailed instructions and manufacturing guides.


Receive our Understanding Electricity and Basic Electronics ebook free with your order




Nick soon learnt how to handle his electric go kartOur kids electric go kart was originally developed with a four year old in mind and we feel the final product suits four to nine year olds just fine. Driving the go kart is easy and even four year olds master it almost instantly. It’s not too fast or powerful making it much safer for junior drivers (see our FAQ sheet).




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Our kids electric go kart is based on a wooden chassis  A GA Projects electric go kart nears completion


An important design criteria in all our projects is ease of construction and our kids electric go kart is no exception. The chassis is made of wood and we power our go kart with a couple of modified second hand windscreen wiper motors. Electrical systems are simple and require no soldering. We even bundle a free copy of our ‘Understanding Electricity and Basic Electronics’ ebook to help those constructors who do not like working with electrics.



Please note that all prices quoted are in US dollars.

Construction manual can be downloaded from the web as soon as your order is processed. On completion you will be directed to a download page to retrieve your manual. Please note that all documents are in Microsoft Word.doc format and are currently only available in English with Australian spelling J. Contact us at gokart@gaprojects.com for more information or support@gaprojects.com if you require help with your project.


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Our go karts are electrically powered wooden chassis units designed to be great fun for kids yet cheap and easy to build. Second hand windscreen wiper motors are used to drive the kart and all other parts are readily available from good hardware stores and automotive part suppliers. Our karts can run at 12 or 18 volts the pros and cons of which are discussed within the Construction Manual. A braking system is not required, as wiper motors will not turn once the power is switched off. We employ casters for the front wheels as this simplifies mounting and steering them. This manual only supposes that the constructor has basic handyman skills. We hope the lucky recipient of the go-kart will have as much fun as our kids did (and still do) once it is completed.



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Off road go karts are also available

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Please feel free to contact us at support@gaprojects.com if you have any further questions, concerns or require help with your project


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